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The professionals at iDig Digital focuses on capturing the attention of your target audience across multiple online channels. Keeping your audience engaged with high-quality visuals and content is necessary towards maintaining and expanding your public outreach.

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Social media marketing

Social Media Management describes the process of managing your online interactions and content across various social media platforms. SSM goes far beyond just posting updates to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube accounts. It incorporates how you engage with your audience while seizing the opportunity to generate leads and increase public outreach. It involves the marketing of your product, service, and brand through multiple social media platforms, engaging audiences and forwarding them to your website.

As a social media management and marketing agency, we create promotional social media advertising campaigns, which are an integral part of improving visibility within your website. New leads mean new business, and new business means more revenue. Social media ads are essential for driving traffic to your website which, in turn, will result in increased sales. These ads capture your audience’s attention, keeps them engaged, and encourages them to visit your site to browse and purchase your products and/or services. Along with these social media ads, we create engaging social media posts using original graphics, blogs, articles, and high-quality video footage.

Social Media Strategies to Meet Your Goals

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Social media video ads are the best way for a customer to find out about a new brand before purchasing a product or service. We capitalize on this purchase driving strategy and showcase these ads on various social media platforms to expand public outreach.

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Being creative, innovative, and original is sometimes easier said than done. We excel in designing super creative and captivating visuals and content. These creative posts capture your audience’s attention while keeping them engaged and stimulated.


Social media stories have quickly become the focus of every digital storytelling strategy. It’s important to follow what your target audience is doing on social media. These stories allow us to join in on the fun and appeal to your audience’s interests.

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We offer channel-specific social media services that cater to specific audiences across several platforms. We also offer strategy planning, account creation & branding, content creation & publishing, campaign & community management, and more.

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Perfect for e-commerce businesses, product catalogs make it easier for customers to purchase your products. We create visual product catalogs across several social media platforms, showcasing your product line in a creative and appealing way.

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We use mass advertising efforts like email marketing to increase our public outreach. We provide education resources, blog posts, event & news announcements, savings deals & coupons, and other online content to generate new leads every day.

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Social media marketing

Social Media Design & Marketing For All Networks

Social Media Design & Marketing involves creating original and innovative designs that represent your brand in a positive light. Our team of graphic designers and social media marketing strategists work together to create high-quality visual designs and engaging content so that readers can learn more about your business and feel compelled to visit your website to learn even more. Marketing through social media platforms is a smart way to broaden the scope of where people can view your website. Implementing specific keywords and phrases into your social media posts will rank your website on the Google Index and further increase your public outreach.

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Choosing iDig Digital as your one-stop-shop web design and marketing solution agency is the smart move. We will work tirelessly in helping you to achieve all of your business goals with the marketing strategies that we customize for you. Exceed your expectations and expand your brand to new heights. Every company will promise you more followers on your social media platforms, but iDig Digital will promise you the right ones.

Social media marketing


Here’s A Look At Some Common Social Media Questions

A means for people to share and connect online.

Using social networks, you can spread brand awareness to a mass audience. It's also a way to promote products or campaigns for lead generations or engagement.

Social media gets you connected with users. With proper marketing, you can connect the right audience that is most likely to purchase your product or services.

Social platforms have tools to manage and learn from your audience.

Too many to count. Instagram alone has 1 billion monthly active users.

As of 2019, Facebook leads the race with 2.23 billion users. Youtube falls right behind with 1.9 billion.

A user on social media that has established a large fanbase

In today's world, social media is an easy way to reach and target audiences

Short answer, No. Long answer, not all social platforms need to be utilized. It's like when you hang a picture, would you use all the tools in your toolbox?

Depending on what your goals are. Video intensive would work best on YouTube. The short thought-provoking text would be best on Twitter. Global engagement, hosting events, and promoting products are best on Instagram and Facebook.